Nail Treatments

File & Polish £10.00
Gel Polish Colour £18.00
French Nails / Art £20.00
Builder in a Bottle Colour £20.00
Builder in a Bottle French £22.00
Gel Polish (Under 12's) £15.00
Acrylic / Gel Extensions £35.00
Extension Infills £30.00
Repairs From £3.00
Gel polish Removal £5.00
Gel polish Removal (If getting re-done) £3.00
Acrylic Removal £10.00
Acrylic Removal (If getting re-done) £6.00
Mini Manicure (30 minutes) - Cuticles tidied, file, shape and polish. £15.00
Deluxe Manicure (45 minutes) - Hand soak, cuticles tidied, nail shaping, hand and arm exfoliation, sumptuous mask and polish. £25.00
Mini Pedicure (30 minutes) - Spa soak, cuticles tidied, hard skin removed, shape & polish. £20.00
Deluxe Pedicure (45 mins) - Includes spa soak, cuticles tidied, exfoliating leg & foot massage, softening foot mask and heated booties used to help condition the skin, hard skin removed and polish. £27.00
Please state whether you require a removal or art work when booking as this requires more time. Any manicure/pedicure can have a gel polish added for £8 extra.